Efficient Messaging to Drive Buyer Demand and Revenue

Research shows that buyers have already conducted 60% of their research into a new product or service before they contact Sales.  Pause and take in the enormity of that statement and its implications for buyer demand overall.

It’s worth deconstructing this further:

  • Buyer demandRelevancy — Inbound leads who come through your website or other channels such as social media find you relevant.  That’s good news!  Hopefully, those leads are also profitable customers.
  • Driverless Marketing — Most of the Sales Cycle is done without your active involvement.  Your messaging, among other things, is “selling” you whether you know it or not.  That a pretty powerful place for Marketing!
  • Operating Blind — But just what happens to the leads you don’t see?  You may never get an opportunity to understand why they didn’t follow through in converting to move on to Sales.  This is a huge black box, and potentially a major lost opportunity.

A deliberate targeted message strategy can decrease lead leakage and align your entire organization effectively to increase buyer demand.  But how do you go about that efficiently?

Define the buyer(s)

I speak sometimes with companies who have a murky understanding of their markets.  They know the importance of having a clear buyer definition.  However, they either sell to multiple buyers or their buyers over time have changed as they have grown.  It’s important to get back to “who is the buyer” and to realizing that there may be several.  While you might be tempted to simply define your personas based on gut feel, a more thorough research process can arm you with insights you would not otherwise get.

Message to your buyer demand

It’s a no brainer!  If you already know your customers’ pains, this may be pretty straightforward.  If not, emphasize with your customers.  Imagine how powerful it would be to find messages that demonstrate you have anticipated and can solve exactly what I’m feeling and experiencing.  Design thinking approaches can arm you with what you need to craft super strong messages that move the potential buyer through the consideration phase to ultimately contacting your Sales team.  Persona Interviews can also get you powerful insights to drive your messaging.

Experiment with & measure your messages

Test your messages.  This isn’t just a matter of launching a new website and letting it run for eternity.  It’s important to test your message, see if it truly does anticipate and address your buyers questions.  Evaluate too how and when the messages are being consumed by your visitor or prospective buyer.  Then add deeper value to what you have based on the insights you’re getting from the messages in field.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the bottom line is to increase revenue.  To do that you need to increase the number of higher quality leads, and decrease poor leads.  If you messages aren’t doing that, or you don’t know how they are contributing to revenue, you may well be needlessly wasting effort and increasing costs.  Get in Touch with ThoughtBoost for a complimentary assessment of your content marketing efforts.


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