Analyst Relations

May 22, 2016

If you’re in the Tech sector, you know analysts and other key Influencers impact your revenues. The question is “how” and “to what extent” do Analyst & Influencer Relations matter. Even prior to finding their way to you or your website, your leads are seeking out analyst perspective on which companies to consider, how to shortlist providers, and even how to negotiate deals. If that causes your heart to beat a bit faster, it should. But perhaps not simply for the reason you think.


Analysts can become a strong channel for new business. Think about it! If the market (your prospect, in this case) seeks out the opinion of analyst X, and analyst X believes your firm is top in its class, that a bonus. New business will trickle/gush from the analyst reports, consultation and blogs.   This also can be a huge credibility boost, resulting sometimes in shorter sales cycles. What do you need to do to open up this channel? That depends on your business and its goals?   Answering the following questions can guide your next step:


Is your organization ready to work with analysts? In a lot of cases, your answer may be no.

Do you tackle major firms, or are there other influential channels to consider?

How does your organization build the right analyst relations plan?

Which analysts influence your business?

How do you get on their radar without sounding as though your doing a Sales pitch?

How do you influence the analysts who influence your customers and prospects?

How do create an analyst business referral channel?

How do you leverage analyst citations to generate new business?

We’ve been on the front lines at top analyst organizations. Using that “inside” perspective, ThoughtBoost can help you create / optimize your Analyst Relations and Investor Relations programs. Contact us to learn more.