7 Reasons to Consider a Fractional CMO

Think it’s time to invest in marketing? … but concerned about the numbers? A Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) might just be the answer. As new models for outsourced engagement emerge, growth minded organizations are increasing looking to the Fractional CMO to address both strategic and tactical marketing goals. Benefits of a Fractional CMO: Top[…]

How do B2B Buyers Consume Information

Relevance is the holy grail of marketing.  For companies investing in content planning, understanding how do B2B buyers consume information is an important question to ask. Drawing from CMO Council and Netline research, Ayaz Nanji reports in a MarketingProfs article that 94% of the companies surveyed curate and share infrmation prior to purchasing B2B produts and services.  The research found three[…]

5 Surefire Ways to Botch Your Perfect Customer Experience Design

Scary thought!  Even with the most glorious product or service, companies can exhibit blindspots in experience design and customer loyalty, and these can negatively impact growth goals. Take Company X, a start up in the education space.  Driven by an altruistic desire to inspire kids, its founder tells the story of laboring through countless personal and professional trials[…]

Efficient Messaging to Drive Buyer Demand and Revenue

Research shows that buyers have already conducted 60% of their research into a new product or service before they contact Sales.  Pause and take in the enormity of that statement and its implications for buyer demand overall. It’s worth deconstructing this further: Relevancy — Inbound leads who come through your website or other channels such as[…]

Your brand, Pandora, and important implications for your customer value

What does your brand have to do with Pandora, customer value and delivering on an optimal experience?  Yes – that Pandora.  Even if you aren’t in the entertainment sector, you’re delivering an experience, and that experience should have inherit value. Much like Pandora, you … • BROADCAST.  Pandora offers listeners an ability to select music aligned[…]

5 Questions Every Executive Team Should Ask Marketing

What questions should every executive team ask of its Marketing? A recent executive team discovery session revealed a really important insight. The corporation’s President shared that he sees lots of activity, but can’t pinpoint how those activities directly impact the business.  In other words, he was asking how Marketing activity translates into Sales.  His mandate is to meet[…]

Boosting customer value correlates with higher revenues

Customer value is the holy grail of Marketing.  Gartner’s recent report, CMO Insight: How to Justify the Business Value of Customer Experience Investments notes that most companies haven’t cracked the code on this.  Only 29% of companies cite were able to “demonstrate a return on customer experience investments in dollar terms.”  This points to either an inability to quantify the[…]

Four Impediments to Healthy Patient Experience Design

Doctor! Doctor!  Can’t you see I’m burning, burning…  For some of you that old Thompson Twins song will bring back memories.  For others, you’ll roll your eyes in puzzlement, and for still others, you won’t have a clue to what I’m referring.  Just take this message — the song captures yearning, much like what patients[…]