Efficient Messaging to Drive Buyer Demand and Revenue

Research shows that buyers have already conducted 60% of their research into a new product or service before they contact Sales.  Pause and take in the enormity of that statement and its implications for buyer demand overall. It’s worth deconstructing this further: Relevancy — Inbound leads who come through your website or other channels such as[…]

Your brand, Pandora, and important implications for your customer value

What does your brand have to do with Pandora, customer value and delivering on an optimal experience?  Yes – that Pandora.  Even if you aren’t in the entertainment sector, you’re delivering an experience, and that experience should have inherit value. Much like Pandora, you … • BROADCAST.  Pandora offers listeners an ability to select music aligned[…]

Boosting customer value correlates with higher revenues

Customer value is the holy grail of Marketing.  Gartner’s recent report, CMO Insight: How to Justify the Business Value of Customer Experience Investments notes that most companies haven’t cracked the code on this.  Only 29% of companies cite were able to “demonstrate a return on customer experience investments in dollar terms.”  This points to either an inability to quantify the[…]