Value Proposition

May 22, 2016

What’s your value proposition? Does it “resonate” with your buyer? Does it tell why your firm stands out from your competition?   A strong value proposition immediately points out the benefits you provide. It gives you an edge over your competitors? But it’s much, much more than that. It gives examples of how you’re able to deliver that differentiated and distinguished difference.


Companies often struggle to create value propositions. Why? Proximity. Sometimes, the closer we are, the less we see. Meaning, because we know so much about the value our firms deliver, it’s hard to edit out what’s less crucial.


ThoughtBoost helps you create a value proposition that gives you confidence and wins you recognition. We do this by taking a fresh, and unbiased, look at what you provide. We listen actively to stories of success. We cast a wide net within your organization gathering insights, often from sources you may have overlooked. We then distill those stories down to potent messages that resonate and inspire your customers to connect. Contact us to learn more.